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The web for any device

One web site for mobile and desktop alike is both appreciated by visitors and easier for you.Smartphones increasingly outnumber personal computers. Not just PCs, but printed media too is in decline as lightweight e-readers and tablets are considered more convenient. Content is delivered, and applications run, in a BYOD environment.

Bring your own device

With wide-format HD desktop displays favoring applications narrow enough to share the screen, a single web app or site can serve desktops, cell phones, e-book readers and tablets.

Some web browsers have article and reader modes to make legible sites designed exclusively for a big screen. Some web sites insult their visitors with dumbed-down versions of the site for mobile devices. In both cases, the fix is a single site for all screen sizes and devices.

Web mobile applications
Free, open source software

Hardcover codes web sites and one-off, internet applications for a fee. Do you have an idea for an application that will be useful for many? Hardcover currently offers the following free, open source software for your website:

We're looking for ideas for useful applications to offer as freeware. If we like the idea, then we'll code it for no charge.

An example with topics of interest

View the site from both a desktop and a mobile device. The site serves as an example of how a single site can work for many devices. Topics of interest to most visitors get a brief review:

We hope you discover how to increase the effectiveness of your site. Hardcover develops to the latest standards for maximum portability. Web browsers on mobile devices are particularly sensitive to anything less than standards compliance in the presentation languages, HTML and CSS. For mobile sites, recommended best practices even specify the minimum navigation and button size for touch screen users.

When HTML5 applications are appropriate

A mobile map application relies on the mobile device's GPS. A mobile app for video calls relies on the device's camera and microphone. For portability and cost, HTML5 applications become the better choice when there is no need to use hardware on the mobile device. Regarding portability, HTML5 applications are not device specific but serve the widest audience by running on any device with a web browser. Regarding cost, ongoing maintenance is the greatest portion of the cost of software. HTML5 applications are less expensive to maintain over time than mobile applications.

We'd love to hear from you

Eye-tracking studies show you would not spare a glance for that common photo of a woman wearing a headset.

In order to be noticed, images must be unique and illustrate the content.

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