Search engine optimization (SEO)

Websites designed and pages written for search phrases are more likely to come to the attention of their target audience. The SEO discussion below does not add a lot to the previous pages because when a website develops content in order to be useful to visitors, then the website also follows the formula to come to the attention of the search engines.

Content focus counts

In addition to keyword text links within the website, search engines evaluate the content for related words and phrases to determine the page and website content. Just as the content of each page should focus on a single subject in order to help the visitor assess quickly if they are in the right place, the same content focus is how a page is SEO optimized as a key-phrase landing page.

Natural link building

Differentiate the type of link, internal or inbound from external websites, to determine the anchor text to create what some call a natural link structure. For internal links within the website itself, use keywords and key phrases as useful for navigation in the utility navigation, the main menu and other internal links within the text.

For inbound links from other websites, do the opposite, discourage keywords and key phrases in favor of the domain name in natural language. To exercise some influence over external links, provide the HTML complete with the anchor text, like:

Link to us with the following code:
<a href="">Hardcover Web Design</a>